20 March 2010

Life In Taborea: The World Of Runes Of Magic

JL Santiago Aquino

As a child I always dreamt of waking up to a new world. A world where all my fantasies came to reality. I'm a grown up now, but this dream will always be on my mind.

King of Varanas
My day started when an assistant told me that there will be troops from Sascila Steppes that want to invade Varanas, I immediately ordered my army to get their best weapons ready because we are preparing for a battle. This is really surprising I really thought that we already have ties with that Kingdom. Greediness strikes again! Taborea will be chaotic once again. My Queen is so worried, on this future battle and she just want to have a peaceful negotiation between Sascila Steppes and Varanas.

That troops really caught us by surprise, they were already at the fronts of our kingdom gate.  It's really such a heartbreaking scene when one by one my armies are killed by these bastards. I agree my force are weak this time, who would have thought that this day will be a bloody one.

Arrgghhh!!! I was hit by an arrow! And suddenly all those memories flash back! The day when I met my queen and the day she gave birth to our first daughter. That was the happiest moment of my life.

Still Fighting
I managed to pull back the arrow that hit my arm, only God knows how it's so painful. I must fight back! I will not let them get this  kingdom. I have a long time protecting this place since my father transfer his authority to me. I got hit by another arrow! We were so outnumbered in this battle! Is this my final hour? ... Suddenly my alarm clock ring! I just got back to reality. Whew! I have to attend school today, I hope I can continue that dream when I sleep later.

I promised to win that fight for Taborea.

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JL Santiago Aquino / Author & Editor

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21 Reactions:

  1. Great story jay! I hope you can continue your dream and blog about the next chapter. Kudos on your battle for Taborea!

  2. @Bogcess: thanks for the comment :D

  3. hmm interesting... galing!

    I want to try the Runes of War...

  4. @aeirin: yup you should :D

  5. Long Live Taborea!

    Its will be a long and painful journey...

    but the goal is to succeed!

    My imagination was awakened by Runes of War!


  6. @fpj jr: same here! Playing Runes of War can leads to many things :D

  7. Go win that fight!

  8. @Jeff: i hope i can win that fight :D

  9. LOL. I thought it has something to do about Magic: The Gathering...

    Anyway, keep feeding your fantasy. Ehe.

  10. Go!
    win the battle!

  11. nice place to reckon with

  12. well, you have an amazing site...keep it up...

  13. wow.. this is fun game!

  14. @Liz: hehe having fantasy once in a while is okay :D

    @Kosa: thanks! :D

    @kor: i agreed :D

    @clydens: wow, really? thanks for the compliments :D

    @Sherry: yup! such a fun game :D

  15. Win the fight for Taborea!! Go!!! :D

  16. @scribbler: hehe .. thanks! =)

  17. visit again with much of brightly... http://pandeglangtown.blogspot.com/

    comment back ok...

  18. i have an account here but didnt continue to play... it's beta ryt?

  19. @ibeqz69: thanks for the comment.

    @ritz: AFAIK it's still in beta :D

  20. What kind of games?.,

  21. @ni_mazyo2: it's an MMORPG [Massively multiplayer online role-playing game] :D


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