25 July 2010


JL Santiago Aquino
Sulit Medium Rectangle Banner

I've starting using Sulit.com.ph just this year. I didn't know that I can sell puppies (9,000 each) thru the site. I never really knew that it was so popular!

Anyway Sulit.com.ph is giving away cool gadgets like BlackBerry Curve 8520 for their Fourth Anniversary and I'm one of http://bogcess.blogspot.com viral posters!

23 July 2010

Nuffnang and HEAVEN Ice Cream invite you to a special screening of ‘SALT’

JL Santiago Aquino

Divine ice cream pleasure is HEAVEN Ice Cream.

Give in to the richest, smoothest, and creamiest by NESTLÉ Ice Cream. Revel in the exquisite goodness of its four sophisticated flavors---Belgian Chocolate Bliss, Strawberry Dream, Vanilla Almond Secret and Butter Pecan Obsession. HEAVEN Ice Cream is made with only the finest ingredients and contains no artificial food colors. Available in 800mL(Php 175) & 450mL(Php 115) tubs across supermarkets, groceries, and convenience stores nationwide.

27 April 2010

Follow Me Philippines Giveaway @ PinayMommyOnline

JL Santiago Aquino

Join Pinay Mommy Online's latest online contest :) It is dubbed as Follow Me Philippines Giveaway! sponsored by Blogging From Home.

First Prize:
$10.00 via PAYPAL
5,000 Entrecard credits
468×60 Banner Ad for One Month
Blogging from Home Book by Janette Toral
INFO Domain and Blog Hosting for One Year

Second Prize:
$8.00 via PAYPAL
3,000 Entrecard credits
125×125 Banner Ad for One Month
INFO Domain and Blog Hosting for One Year

Third Prize:
$5.00 via PAYPAL
1,000 Entrecard credits
Text Link Ad for One Month
Blog Hosting for One Year (domain not included)

Now, what do you need to do to gain entries to this wonderful and simple giveaway?? Just do the following:

1. Follow me through Google Connect! (Required) – 2 point
2. Follow me at Twitter! (Required) – 2 point
3. Subscribe to this blog via Email and make sure to confirm it! (Optional) – 3 points
4. Blog about this with a link back to my main blog (http://www.pinaymommyonline.com with anchor text: Pinay Mommy Online), my book sponsor (http://www.bloggingfromhome.com) with anchor text: Blogging from Home) and to this contest post (http://www.pinaymommyonline.com/2010/04/follow-me-philippines-giveaway.html with anchor text: Follow Me Philippines Giveaway!). (Optional) – 5 points
5. Share this contest post at Facebook! (Optional) – 3 points
6. Share this contest post at Twitter! (Optional) – 3 points
7. Be a FAN of Pinay Mommy Online at Facebook! (Optional) 3 points

12 April 2010

Social Media Power

JL Santiago Aquino

After i log -in on the internet the first thing that i will do is to check my Gmail account. After that I will check all the updates of all my primary SNS (social networking sites) like Facebook, Twitter & Plurk. I have so many accounts on all these SNS. Twitter, Plurk, Digg, Friendster, Facebook, Multiply, FormSpring, Tumblr, Yahoo Meme, Identi.ca, Fizzer.PH, BrightKite, Aloo.PH, FourSquare, StumbleUpon, Youtube & a lot more.

I signed up primarily not just to gain cyber friends & to create an online presence for myself. But to promote my blogs too. If done right, you will be amazed on its effectivity. For instance in the opening of another season of Pinoy Big Brother, (the hit reality show of ABS-CBN) one of my blog got a whopping 11,213 hits on one day, no SEO done.


Just pure social media marketing. I created a Facebook Fanpage and a Twitter account for this blog of mine few months ago and little did I know that I can fully utilize the power of it few days ago. 60+ % of my traffic that day is from Twitter & Facebook & the remaining is from those organic searches from Google & Yahoo. I found out about this trick accidentally and I want to learn more about it. So The 3rd Social Networking Conference 2010 is really apt for me because I live and breath on the internet. I am online for more than 7 hours a day and being a struggling blogger I can really use all the lessons learned after I attend this conference. Here are the other reason...

S - ocial networking. this word is so vague I need to fully understand all the concepts that surrounds it.
O- nline media. This is the "in" thing now. Gone are the days where you have to wait for the newspapers to print out before you read the latest news.
C - onference like this one will help people like Social Networkers, Bloggers, (like me) Managing Directors, General Managers, Digital Strategist, CRM Managers, Direct Marketing Managers, Database Managers, Brand Managers, Category Managers, Product Managers, Advertising Managers, Corporate Communication Managers, Marketing Managers, Internet Marketers, Media Managers, Content Providers, Web Developers to fully utilize the use of social media as a way to get to traffic to their website, to create brand awareness or just to create an online presence.
I -  n this generation, where all people are already jumping on the social media bandwagon. I don't want to be left out.
A - BS-CBN's Maria Ressa who once worked for CNN will be present in this conference to give a talk. Enough said.
L - ots of online people I know & I admired will be in this conference & this is the right time to finally meet them.

N - ew Media. That's what they called online writer or BLOGGGERS which already got a lot followers on their own. They are considered as a source of reliable news now. I want to know how did they do that, by attending this very important conference.
E - mail Marketing talk by CHINIE HIDALGO-DIAZ of Teleforce Asia Inc. is so interesting because almost all people think it's already dead.
T - he awarding of of Social Networking Awards, where I nominated a handful of companies & various start-ups, will also happening here.
W - orldwide. That is your audience at at Social Networking Sites.
O - ne of the people I admired online, Janette Toral, the founder of DigitalFilipino is also here to give a talk on Social Media Study.
R - ight now I don't really consider myself as a pro when it comes to this field, so attending this event will take me a notch higher.
K - nowing the right people. that is one key to success in Social Networking.
I - 'm so  interested on the topic of Janette Toral entitled "Using Social Media in Search Engine Marketing Campaigns and It Influences Your Search Engine Rankings" It really suitable for blogger like me.
N - otable online people like JOEY ALARILLA, the Social Media Editor of Yahoo! Southeast Asia will also be present on the event. I can't wait to meet him.
G - lobe Telecom's Paul John Pena is so interesting too. They are the one of the leading Philippine company when it comes to online presence.

8 April 2010

New Blog Header For SM City Marilao

JL Santiago Aquino

Since all SM Malls will changed their logo this April 2010, I made a little changes at the blog of SM Marilao, I just changed the logo on the shopping bag that girl is holding & add some lens flare too :D I don't like their new logo..

20 March 2010

Life In Taborea: The World Of Runes Of Magic

JL Santiago Aquino

As a child I always dreamt of waking up to a new world. A world where all my fantasies came to reality. I'm a grown up now, but this dream will always be on my mind.

King of Varanas
My day started when an assistant told me that there will be troops from Sascila Steppes that want to invade Varanas, I immediately ordered my army to get their best weapons ready because we are preparing for a battle. This is really surprising I really thought that we already have ties with that Kingdom. Greediness strikes again! Taborea will be chaotic once again. My Queen is so worried, on this future battle and she just want to have a peaceful negotiation between Sascila Steppes and Varanas.

That troops really caught us by surprise, they were already at the fronts of our kingdom gate.  It's really such a heartbreaking scene when one by one my armies are killed by these bastards. I agree my force are weak this time, who would have thought that this day will be a bloody one.

Arrgghhh!!! I was hit by an arrow! And suddenly all those memories flash back! The day when I met my queen and the day she gave birth to our first daughter. That was the happiest moment of my life.

Still Fighting
I managed to pull back the arrow that hit my arm, only God knows how it's so painful. I must fight back! I will not let them get this  kingdom. I have a long time protecting this place since my father transfer his authority to me. I got hit by another arrow! We were so outnumbered in this battle! Is this my final hour? ... Suddenly my alarm clock ring! I just got back to reality. Whew! I have to attend school today, I hope I can continue that dream when I sleep later.

I promised to win that fight for Taborea.

5 March 2010

TOP 100 Most Handsome PINOY BLOGGERS For 2010

JL Santiago Aquino

^ that's not me he's the winner. I'm on the 27th spot. Below are the full list of  TOP 100 Most Handsome PINOY BLOGGERS For 2010.

1. Alexander Rojas – http://axrealm.com
2. Jonel de Leon – http://www.eljon.org
3. Alvin Bautista – http://livingstain.wordpress.com
4. Jason de Guzman – http://jasonhamster.wordpress.com
5. Jubert John Marzan – http://tsilspat.blogspot.com
6. Richard Diongson - http://richarddiongson.com
7. Alexis Gutierrez – http://goyosadventure.blogspot.com
8. Lei Garcia – http://forbiddenlei.wordpress.com
9. Felmar Castrodes Fiel – http://fielsvd.wordpress.com
10. Archie Remo – http://www.tsiremo.com

11. Jesus Paez – http://jesuspaez74.wordpress.com
12. Fauxx – http://fauxx.multiply.com/journal
13. Boni Talampas – http://bonistation.wordpress.com
14. Kristoffer Luzana – http://topexpress.wordpress.com
15. Domino – http://dominoplegaria.blogspot.com
16. Raqi Eren – http://www.iamquirah.tk
17. Orville Barba – http://www.orvillebarba.com
18. Timangkey – http://timangkey.wordpress.com
19. Sandi Martin – http://angtangingyaman.com
20. Bernard Umali – http://bernardumali.wordpress.com

21. Nash Serapion – http://lovenashyboy.blogspot.com
22. Allen Yu – http://www.allenyuonline.com
23. Kurog – http://mynameiskurog.com
24. Benj Espina – http://atheista.net
25. Bloggerjorge – http://bloggerjorge.wordpress.com
26. Kelvin Servigon – http://kelvinonian.com
27. Jay-L Santiago Aquino – http://jay-elx.blogspot.com
28. Gasoline Dude – http://grilledbeef.blogspot.com
29. Jaypee David – http://enjayneer.com
30. Meldrick Gualta – http://iammeldrick.blogspot.com

31. David Poarch – http://coconuter.blogspot.com
32. Rye – http://flamindevil.wordpress.com
33. Joel Matira – http://batangmangyan.wordpress.com
34. Conrad Miguel Gozalo – http://conradmiguel.com
35. Comped Carlo Valenzona – http://carlvalenzona.info
36. Jon Magat – http://www.jonmagat.com
37. Ian Albert Austria – http://ianaustria.wordpress.com
38. Dencio – http://hisnameisdencios.wordpress.com
39. Mark Machong Butiki – http://machongbutiki.wordpress.com
40. Otep Zablan – http://otep.wordpress.com

41. Joseph Ian Onyot – http://esetpip.blogspot.com
42. Dats – http://ninoy07.blogspot.com
43. Raymond Bajan – http://www.monzavenue.com
44. Richard (Lionheart) – http://adventuresofalionheart.blogspot.com
45. Jehzeel Laurente – http://www.jehzlau-concepts.com
46. Vergel Dalangin – http://utoysaves.wordpress.com
47. Paul John Mendoza Peña – http://www.pauljohnpena.com
48. Bryan Depano – http://bryandep.blogspot.com
49. Bong Plata – http://bongkito.wordpress.com
50. Rico de Buco – http://bucosalad.blogspot.com

51. Ronel Marin – http://whitepaige.blogspot.com
52. Coy Caballes – http://thisiscoy.net
53. Fjords – http://www.myfjordz.com
54. John Nerecena – http://johnjohn89.blogspot.com
55. Ralph Mandingiado – http://rarefied.multiply.com
56. Victor Lorenzo Villanueva – http://www.bikoy.net
57. Jayvee Fernandez – http://www.abuggedlife.com
58. Spanky Enriquez – http://spankyenriquez.blogspot.com
59. Judd Sta. Maria – http://juddstamaria.com

60. Jiggy Cruz – http://jiggycruz.blogspot.com
61. Julius Mariano – http://soloden.com
62. Romelando Juanatas – http://dadijacob.wordpress.com
63. Mar Castillo – http://www.taympers.com
64. Kris Jasper – http://krisjasper.com
65. Pat Celino – http://dormboy.wordpress.com
66. Arnie Sebastian – http://arsean24.wordpress.com
67. Bryan Karl Yuson – http://extraordinarykiddo.com
68. Chairell Winston Almendras – http://www.batangyagit.com
69. Jerry Metrillo – http://jerimetrillo.blogspot.com
70. RJ Naguit – http://boyacads.blogspot.com

71. Paulnatic - http://paulnatics.blogspot.com
72. Jag – http://jaggedjagger.blogspot.com
73. Allahn Joyce Bensali – http://www.insearch4you.com
74. Eli Avellanoza – http://blographics.wordpress.com
75. Vince Golangco – http://WhenInManila.com
76. Bim Barbieto – http://www.comicology.i.ph
77. Aethen – http://www.aethen.com
78. Brian Ong – http://brianong.blogspot.com
79. Raymond Sarmiento – http://doctordude.net
80. Olan – http://olanology.blogspot.com

81. Flowell Pascua Galindez – http://www.angsawariko.com
82. Marck Ronald Chang Rimorin – http://www.marocharim.com
83. Dhon – http://dhonpal.blogspot.com
84. Rico Mossesgeld – http://rico.mossesgeld.com
85. Mike Villar – http://mikevillar.com
86. Rodelio Lagahit – http://www.lagahit.com
87. Abe Mulong Caracas – http://caracasniabe.blogspot.com
88. Carlos Palma – http://www.carloscpalma.com
89. Jeff Aspacio – http://www.aspacio.net
90. Blogie Robillo – http://www.robilloblog.com

91. Edward Laurence Palomo – http://www.edpalomo.com
92. Juan Karlo Licudine – http://www.pinoyblogero.com
93. Aaron – http://pinoygossipboy.ph
94. Kevin Ray Chua – http://www.kevinraychua.com
95. Cesar Alagar – http://www.singingblogger.com
96. EJ Bautista (Bogcess) – http://technochase.com
97. Ronald Redito – http://ronaldredito.org/blog
98. Mark Monta – http://www.bugits.com
99. Vince Celeste – http://vinceleste.com
100. Abe Olandres – http://yugatech.com

21 February 2010

That Shoe

JL Santiago Aquino

Sometimes, we tend to forgot how a pair of shoe can change our lives forever.

I'm on the 6th on my elementary school then, when one my classmate poke fun at my imitation shoe. I called it an imitation shoe because it look like the real deal but it's not. The misspelling of the brand name tells that it's not genuine. You know back then, when your mom has no job and your father is a jeepney driver you can't really buy all the things that you want. We're four siblings, so having a new pair of rubber shoes, is already a good thing for us. Because normally shoes and school uniform is just pass-on to the younger sibling in our family. My school uniform back then, is just always 'pinaglumaan' of my older brother. Primarily because it's still usable and our parents can save a lot of money on it.

This classmate of mine, who is 2 years older than me is sitting at the back of my seat. He keeps on reading what is written on my shoes, and asked sarcastically where did i bought those shoes loudly enough to hear by nearby classmate, with a big grin on her face.

"It's just a gift so I don't know", I replied. After I got home, I immediately got the blade & removed the part where the brand is written. That shoes is black overall, but it has an orange thread stitches for the brand. After that I used a pentel pen so the part where I scraped the brand is not that noticeable.

I don't know, I just dont like to be the subject of ridicule among classmate so I tend to follow the norm even I can't. I just think that without the brand name he wouldn't make a fool out of me just like the other day.

But not, this classmate's hobby is to make fun of other classmate just to feel good about himself. He always asked what is the brand of my sando, or if my socks are branded or what. His stuffs are branded, which is considered a luxury for me. He always boast to us that his father is a film director and all of his brothers are studying at Mapua. He always bring all her Bone Thugs & Harmony CD just to show-off.

After that year, he is my classmate again when I am a sophomore student at a public high school in Caloocan. I just don't know what happened to him the year after.

I just saw him a few years ago in Sangandaan, Caloocan when I am going home. He is waiting for passenger & riding a pedicab. Yup, he is a pedicab driver now. I asked him what happen and if he still remembers me, he says he got her girlfriend pregnant and ran away from home. I feel his awkwardness on our conversation, so I don't bother to continue.

He don't wear any shoes at all, instead it's a tsinelas. The devil in me, want to ask what is the brand of his slippers, but I don't think that is appropriate. Lessons learned: BE HUMBLE. You may have the most expensive kind of shoes today, but that's not permanent.

Having all the luxury in the world, doesn't give you right to ridicule others.

pictures are not related to the story, it's for representation purpose  only :)

17 January 2010

Avatar The Movie LOLOLOLOL

JL Santiago Aquino

7 January 2010

My Most Memorable Christmas Experience

JL Santiago Aquino
My Most Memorable Christmas Experience just happened last year, 2009. It is memorable for me because it's the time of the year, when we are all complete. We spend our Christmas at Bulacan, at my Kuya's house. Since Kuya is married already and I'm living now independently on a boarding house, this Holiday is so exciting because we really missed everyone.

Sure there are text that would keep us company but nothing can beat the feeling of happiness when your love ones are with you when you are on Christmas Day. I hope we can do that again this year, 2010.

"Parents spend the first part of our lives teaching us to walk and talk, and the rest of it telling us to sit down and shut up."

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