31 December 2009

The New Me

JL Santiago Aquino

can't watch this video ? Try this. http://vimeo.com/8474533

Here in the Philippines, most of us Filipinos thinks that being fair-skinned is beautiful and having a brown or darker skin makes one an inferior. Actually me too! I mostly bewildered over whiter skinned people over not so white ones. Sometimes I blame the media (Television, Print & Internet) for this discriminating norm of beauty.

I grew up with nothing or little confidence on myself because I really feel that I am just mediocre plus added the fact that i have a "Filipino" nose and a kayumanggi skin. You know what, sometimes I blame my parent for having this kind of nose. It's like a sore thumb that really stand out. Sometimes when people talk to me, I always think that they're looking at my nose & I end up nakayuko just to hide it :( Unbelievable but it's true, that's how small I see of myself.

I console myself to some good things that I inherited from my parents like my height and having a dimple on my right cheek. But it doesn't end there, the society's standard of  winsomeness  is not really on me. I grew up anti-social and I find the internet a haven for me. Since on the cyberspace, you don't have to see your friends & other people online, face to face just to talk to them.

Since I can't fix my nose for now & in the near future because of it's high cost and I'm really afraid of needles and all that stuff, I resort to other things just to hide my 'imperfections' like buying branded clothes if I have the money because I feel that wearing some branded clothes & accessories has some sort of psychological effect that makes you feel pogi at times.

I had to try skin lightening too. Believe me I tried every whitening product on the market just to fit in this so-called beauty standard on this cruel society. Placenta Soap, Sulfur Soap, Magic Soaps, Herbal Soaps, Papaya Soap, Kojic Soap, P*nds Whitening Cream & M*xipeel Exp*liant (which is a huge hit back then, you will see many people with icky peeling skin on their faces hehehe) name it, I tried it all, and of course these things are not free just imagine it's cost to me just being a student back then. I don't know why I'm such a fan of these products, maybe that's clear indication that I'm insecure to myself.

Some of it did work for me but there is some disadvantages like there is peeling on my face & there's a stingy sensation when that affected skin is touched by something. Or I can't stay long under the sun, because my skin is being treated. Well I just thought back then that 'beauty is pain' in order to get the looks that you want you must suffer a little.

I play hide & seek with the sun just to get the skin that I want, I don't go out with no reasons at all or if I do I bring my umbrella with me. You would just see me watching my friends when we go out in the beach, because I'm still waiting for the sun to come down so I can finally enjoy the inviting water with them.

All of my effort didn't come to waste when I was hired by Bench Clothing, it was so fulfilling to me because when i'm just a service crew at a fast food chain I would always envied those Bench staffs whenever I pass by to their store & always wished that I would be one soon. Luckily I become a sales crew for Bench Clothing in Robinson Manila.

People would always be surprised that I got in, because some says that the HR department of that company would always requires a good looks before they would hire someone. Being of one Bench staffs has developed my confidence too, I started to dress-up well, got my hair colored & my upper ear lobe pierced. I developed communicating skills to others too because in there, you are required to talk to other (to costumers for instance) These things created the NEW ME, the better me.

from a skinny wannabe I'm now feeling happy with my weight!

I can say that I'm not baduy in terms of mixing & matching outfits anymore. My complexion improved too.

If my pictures looks gloomy before, well not anymore. I think the hapiness come from within!

I can be a camwh*re now LOL

I discovered Glutamax because of my housemate who now live in Taguig. I tried it first on my face to test it's effectiveness & surprisingly it works on me. Without the peeling of my skin & the stingy feeling that product with Hydroquinone has.

Using Glutamax doesn’t mean that I abhorred me, being Filipino, I just want to feel good about myself and having a lighter skin is one of my moral booster to face other people with confidence.

GlutaMAX, See the Results

19 December 2009


JL Santiago Aquino
That was April 9 and 10, nung inaya ako ng friend na sumama daw sa company outing ng pinsan niya to Lian, Batangas and sa Tagaytay so nag-yes kaagad ako kase di pa ko nakakapunta sa Tagaytay hehehe puro Baguio lang. Tsaka 500 pesos lang ang damage all in :)

Mga 9PM ang assembly sa Tutuban and sa likod kami ng Land Rover nakasakay hahaha imaginin mo yun dadaan ka ng Cavite tapos expose na expose ka sa malakas na hangin, that was my first time travelling that way. Mga 2 hours lang nandun na kami sa bahay nung colleague ng pinsan ng friend ko (hehe) Malapit lang sa bahay nila ung beach so masaya talaga. Pagdating namin mga hatinggabi na sinaksak pa nila yung videoke para kumanta after kumain.

Kahit ayaw ko umitim eh di ko napigilan ang pag-aaya ng dagat sakin mwehehe. Nung una kase nakatingin lang ako sa mga kasama ko kase hinihintay kung bumaba man lang ng konti yung araw. Ayun di ko napigilan hehe. Mga 2 hours lang ako nakapagtiis tapos talon na ko sa tubig. Habang nasa tubig ka, di mo mapifeel ung init kase sobrang lamig ng tubig. Napansin ko lang na di iba na kulay ng balat ko nung umahon na ko. Hindi ko rin makalimutan yung swimming na to kase dito nawala ung kabibili ko lang na shades sa Bench. Kase ginagawa naming goggles yung shade namin, tapos dalawa samin ang nawalan ng shades dahil inagos hehehe adik no?

Kinabukasan bago umuwi eh daan kami sa Tagaytay, whew! ang init sobra buti nalang may ice cream dun, bumili rin ako ng mga souvenirs din para masaya. Di mo talaga makakalimutan pag perstaym.

Sayang talaga kase di pa ko nakakabili ng digicam nun. Kaya cellphone camera lang ang pampicture namin pero okay na rin. When we go back there, ready na ung camera :)

This is my entry to "Perstaym ko magpapacontest!" contest at Perstaym blog.

10 December 2009

WhenInManila.com Review

JL Santiago Aquino

I already visited WhenInManila.com before I even meet Vince Golangco (one of the owner/contributor on the blog) in person at the DigitalFilipino E-Commerce Summit at Hotel Intercon. Actually I discovered the site thru YouTube.com in which Vince is a pseudo TV reporter  making fun of the current events in the Philippines.

Here are the good things & not so good things about When In Manila, I will write it in bullets because I can't really construct good English sentences :)

Good Thing:
  • I really liked how the website is constructed. I like the color & it's easy to navigate from pages to pages.
  • I lurved the Jeepney icon, the one that  conceptualized it must have a monument.
  • No ads at all.. well almost. That's a good thing because most Pinoy bloggers want to make money out of the ads on their blog hehe

Not So Good Thing:
  • The homepage is so big & take time to load, prolly because of some videos on the front page. Dial-up users will not be pleased LOL
  • If you're talking about Philippines in your blog, talk  in Filipino especially in your videos or atleast 10% of the content is in Filipino. That's just a suggestion though.
  • The host is so "slang" at his videos (peace! hehe) it's like the target market of this website is upper A & B people & those Filipinos abroad. Well if that's your target audience, then good. What about the others? hehe
  • The blog uses http://www.wheninmanila.com/?p=976 instead of http://www.wheninmanila.com/the-ultimate-taste-event/ I heard that's not search engine friendly, I dunno why.

4 November 2009

Mang Inasal @ SM Valenzuela

JL Santiago Aquino

Yum Yum! Unlimited ang rice dito sa Mang Inasal pero nakadalawa lang ako .. nakakahiya eh,, Pero wow it's so sarap yum yum! Dito ko kumain after ng event sa SM Valenzuela ung opening ng isang store dun.

22 October 2009

My Birthday @ Klownz Comedy Bar in Quezon Avenue

JL Santiago Aquino
Ang laki ng nagastos ko dito mga P4,500+ (that's a big amount for me because I have no job at all haha! ) dapat nga almost P7,000 ung bill ko buti nlng may nakilala kong taga Klownz sa FaceBook na nanlibre sakin ng 10 tickets. Saya! Pero sulit naman ang gastos ko.

Thanks God may FaceBook :)

21 October 2009

Bus Going to SM North EDSA


I'm going to SM North EDSA to watch Battle for Terra 3D Movie! This picture is taken on the bus hehe. Malungkot ako dyan. Joke3x !

Natata* lang.

18 October 2009

I Got a Package ...

JL Santiago Aquino

Tulog pa ko 'nun tapos biglang may kumakatok kaya bigla kong nagising. I said "Who the hell is that?" hehehe English talaga pagkasabi ko. Tapos nakita ko delivery man pala. He was looking for me pla, pirma .. pirma .. tapos ayan na ung binigay niya sakin. Di ko expect na ambilis dumating nyan ...

Hulaan mo kung ano yan?

5 September 2009

Kainan Na!

JL Santiago Aquino

This is our food for today.. Chicken & Jolibee, hehehe... I have no tables here in my boarding house that's why we eat on the chair. Hahaha! We're so poor. Anyway that's life. You can't have all the things that you want.

19 August 2009

MacMac's Birthday !

JL Santiago Aquino

Birthday ni Mac-Mac. Pamangkin & Inaanak ko. This was in my Kuya's house sa Heritage Homes sa Bulacan. Ang laki ng noo ko mwahahaha. Ansarap ng cake yum yum

"Parents spend the first part of our lives teaching us to walk and talk, and the rest of it telling us to sit down and shut up."

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